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Prepare for the brain eating amoebas!

PHOENIX — A 14-year-old Lake Havasu boy has become the sixth victim to die nationwide this year of a microscopic organism that attacks the body through the nasal cavity, quickly eating its way to the brain. jwz

I’m a big fan of the new ways of dying that global warming brings on… Go [...]

National Alpaca Farm Day

The National Alpaca Farm Day website is a must see. They’ve got the best flash alpaca animation I’ve seen in several weeks.

We are excited to present the National Alpaca Farm Day September 29-30, 2007. The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association marketing committee has designed a comprehensive plan to increase awareness of alpacas. [...]

Making the upgrade to Wordpress 2.3.

Dear reader(s)… is getting upgraded to Wordpress 2.3 courtesy of Matt Michie. Please let me know if you notice anything out of the ordinary in the next few days.

In Seattle, goats could be the new Chihuahuas.

The Seattle Times reports that city council member Richard Conlin is working to make goats the new Chihuahuas. Based on their “friendliness, faithfulness and hardy constitution” and a role in “sustainability”, he thinks that the good people of Seattle should have the right to keep minigoats as licensed house pets. seattle metroblog: [...]