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Links for 2007-08-23

Here are some snippets from my Google shared items… would you be interested in seeing a link blog post like this everyday? Or would you rather have a linkblog feed like Daring Fireball’s Linked List?

Who wants to live in The Real World?

The Real World must be a truly depressing place to live. [...]

Where in the world is Wes?

I’ve been a bit busy lately, here’s a glimpse at the past few months:

April: A nice spring trip to Sayulita, Mexico. May/June: New job started with a month of living in San Francisco. July 1st to 15th: A nice vacation to London and Paris with Jodi. July 16th to 20th: Another week in San Francisco [...]

Law of Demeter, MVC views, and the Presenter pattern

Over on Pivotal Blabs there is an interesting post Lovely Demerter, Meter Maid commenting on the last section of Misunderstanding Law of Demeter by Dan Manges. I’m a big fan of making views (the V in MVC) compliant with LoD by using the Presenter Pattern in Rails, go have a read and let us [...]