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Favorite Fixtional Species: Yoshi

Yoshis have a limited social structure, shown in multiple RPGs as living in villages with a few wooden constructions. However, Yoshis inhabit many areas of the world, from the Mushroom Kingdom to Isle Delfino.

I am glad people spend time writing about Yoshi for Wikipedia.

How strange: Visiting ING Renault’s Second Life Pit Zone from Paris

Jodi and I had a strange experience Tuesday in Paris. We were walking down the Champs-Élysées and saw the Renault ING Experience, entered the store and walked into Second Life. Inside the store/experience we saw the usual, race cars, shiny things and then a strange row of computers with signs screaming “Welcome to [...]

Tour de France: London Prelude

Jodi and I are heading out now to watch the prelude through London. Last night we were able to catch the opening ceremony and watch all the teams ride past us through Leichster Square.

Don’t know what the prologue is? Check out the tour site for more info.

the Prologue, on [...]

Meeting London’s Flag and Bell Crew

Jodi and I are in London on vacation, so the only right thing for me to do on our first trip to Europe was to drag her to a a geek pub crawl… right? We met up with the Flag and Bell crew sponsored by Trexy and had an awesome time.

We’re currently 90 miles [...]