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In London next week, meet me at the London Tech Pub Crawl

I’ll be in London the first week of July and I’m planning on attending this Flag and Bell Tech Pub Crawl. Should be interesting. Leave a comment or get in touch with me if you would be interested in meeting me there.

Interesting patch for Ruby on Rails to limit errant (bad) queries.

I’m a happy fan of ORM, but I have to agree that turning a blind eye to the actual generated SQL can lead to horrible things happening.

If you’re doing RoR you might want to check out this patch to limit the possibility of ridiculous queries being generated.

I’ve just committed a patch to ActiveRecord [...]

What does DEP1 mean on Seattle’s Real Time 911 Website?

My friend Matt Michie wondered what the symbol DEP1 matched in his post about Seattle 911 Dispatch on I5. He’s speaking of the real time Seattle 911 mashup that puts 911 calls on google maps. I tried but couldn’t find any information on this DEP1 symbol so wrote in to the Seattle fire department [...]

5 million requests, 47GB transfer for $10 with EC2

The numbers are looking good for EC2. Read Live Blogging Experiment Results - for the full details, below are the important numbers.

7 pictures 130 text posts 20k visits 50k pageviews to the page 5M requests - this includes the 15 second content refresh and the [...]

Credit Scams: Why opt-out is a good idea.

I opted out of unsolicited mail earlier this year and today realized why that was a great idea. After being out of town for a month I ended up only spending about an hour filtering my mail… and one piece stood out because it was printed on the lowest quality paper I’ve ever seen [...]