Where to live in San Francisco for a month?

I’m staring my new job by working for a month in San Francisco next Monday. My current problem is I don’t know where to live. I’m going to stay in a hotel for the first couple of days but hope I can find something a bit cheaper for the rest of the month. Anyone have any tips? Furnished apartment? Corporate housing? Craigslist Sublet?

4 Responses to “Where to live in San Francisco for a month?”

  1. Live free man, just like all the other hippies in California, sleep out in nature like Gaea intended.

  2. In San Francisco this time of year, you’re lucky if it hits 65 during the day–you won’t want to live outside!

    Here are two questions: will you have a car while you’re here? And where will you be working? That will make all the difference on where you should live.

  3. I’ll be working in the Flood Building and won’t have a car.

  4. Sleep at the Tanner’s house. I bet that Danny or Stephanie will let you in. If nothing else, you can hit up their nieghbor, the Gibbler.

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