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Stalk me if you love to W rite T ests F irst!

Thanks to Google Maps new feature, Street View, if you’d like a free coffee come stalk me! You can see the door to the apartment I’m staying in while being in San Francisco by clicking here . Be the first (or one of the first before I run out of coffee money) and I’ll [...]

Notes from my first week living in San Francisco

I’ve been in San Francisco for three weeks now… I have joined the apple cult and purchased a MacBook Pro. Here are some things I remember from my first week being in San Francisco.


I left Seattle on the 6AM flight to San Francisco and made it to the Flood Building in San Francisco at [...]

Netbeans for ruby looking good with debug/breakpoint goodness

Click on the image or just go read the full story to get the high res screenshot:

Llamas have been plagued with the unfair reputation of spitting.

I object! Llamas do not spit randomly! Long story short, don’t piss off a llama and you won’t get spit on.

The last 37signals sunspot linked to an unfair entry on Urban Dictionary entry called: llama drama that claims that llamas randomly spit on people. I love llamas (enough that my girlfriend bought [...]

Switched to Google reader; subscribe to my shared items.

I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader months ago and was planning on adding a linkblog feed here that combined with shared items, but I’m lazy… so for now go subscribe to my Google Reader shared items.