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Between Jobs: Day One, Part One

0800: Woke up

0830: Pot of coffee brewed

0900: Started watching the movie Doom

1030: Took Jodi’s dog Kokanee to the vet.

1130: Nearly finished watching Doom

1230: Had lunch with my friend Dan at South Lake Grill

1330: Finished watching Doom

1420: First post

Boarding Airplanes: A study of queues

I am a certified dork because papers about boarding airplanes interest me.

Analog Concurrency: Boarding a Plane Linked from the above in the comments is this paper: Novel Approaches to Airplane Boarding (PDF Link)

Google Reader Trends: Playing catch-up after vacation.

Google reader feeds the data junkie in all of us with feed trends. I took a vacation last week to Sayulita, Nay, MX and realized when I returned that my feeds were a bit, well, unread. On the right of that chart you’ll notice a 5 day gap and then see the spike. [...]

On Punctuation: The Exclaimation Mark

I’ve heard many different ways of explaining the exclamation mark but this one is new…

CSR says: We need to make your password more secure in order to submit it, so everything will stay the same except now there’s going to be an exclamation point on the [...]

How to unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Login to your account via Click the “Membership and Communications” tab. Find the column labeled “Not at all” and scroll down until you find the meetup group you want to unsubscribe from and click the radio button.

Click “Save” and you’re unsubscribed.