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The Underlying Problems of TDD in the .Net World

Jeremy Miller has a great post called The Underlying Problems of TDD in the .Net World that should have been called The Underlying Problems of TDD in the (ASP).Net World. Oh that page event cycle… I don’t think I know many people that actually understand the page event cycle and I know [...]

Code duplication: Methods made out of ticky tacky.

I was reading Ted Carnahan on ticky tacky and it reminded me of code duplication. Ever start feeling like you’re in a pre-fab sub-division when you’re looking at your code? You might just have some code duplication to take care of.

The phrase ticky tacky was coined by Malvina Reynolds in the song Little [...]

Cingular BlackJack extended battery rebate: Just ask at the store?

I signed up for the rebate online but recently was in the Cingular store and just said, “Hey, I have a BlackJack and I heard there is an extended battery rebate…” The clerk just said, “One sec.” Grabbed the extended battery, scanned it and said “There you go!”. No questions asked. It was near closing [...]

Hidden in plain sight! The world of faux-item-safes.

They will never find it!

Ninja’s never suspect the lettuce.

Never! EVAR!!! Don’t waste your money at Amazon buying a “diversion safe”? Instructables has instructions that allow you to make your own diversion safe.

Or you can go buy one from Amazon (cue the shameless amazon associates links)

Microsoft Vista Speech Recognition Tested - Perl Scripting

Here are a few choice quotes:

“Delete open bracket open brace less than.” delete lower case open open helpful select all delete OPEN! correct o correct open one ok delete correct o open parenthesis capital i capital info delete capital info info make capital delete make capital correct [...]