Do it: use ridiculously long test method names

At work I’m probably known by a couple people for writing riciculously long test name, so this post by Patrick Lightbody made me smile.

Unfortunately, Dan’s examples of test methods were rather weak - often the agiledox crowd uses really simplistic examples. So I thought I’d give some examples of some of my methods from HostedQA:

  • parsingHostHandlesHttpAndHttpsAsWellAsOptionalPorts
  • findingAnAccountByNameWorksAfterCreatingAnAccountOfTheSameName
  • creatingNewAppConfigReturnsSameIdAsTheIdSetOnTheAppConfigReference
  • findingAppConfigsForAProjectReturnsThemInAlphabeticalOrderByName

And my personal favorites (broken up with a space because they are so long):

  • updatingAppConfigWithoutResourcesThat UsedToBeAssociatedWithItCausesThoseReferencesToBeDeleted
  • deletingAPopulatedProjectCausesAllChild EntitiesToAlsoBeDeletedAndTheProjectIsCompletelyDeleted

Kind of annoyingly long methods? Absolutely. But not only, as Dan points out, is it easier to know what went wrong when a failure occurs, it is also almost brainless to implement these tests (and thereby design your application in the most direct manner possible).

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