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Simple Security: A platoon of dolphins and sea lions

Okay, so let’s review: the Navy has a whole pile of nuclear weapons on the Hood Canal, and their security solution is focused on a platoon of dolphins and sea lions? Dolphins with Frickin Laser Beams

Memories of my hometown.

Ah, memories of my hometown!

Repeat DUI offender arrested first as 17-year-old and — at midnight — booked and jailed as 18-year-old By The Associated Press MONTESANO, Grays Harbor County — An Aberdeen teen was arrested twice in one day on drunken driving charges — once as a [...]

Who’s going to make the extra tutorials and better docs?

Answer: your user community. User Community and ROI

Wow. <– really, it’s not just a vista ad.

Pair Programming

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a successful pair programming session. Once you have, you’ll probably feel that programming on your own is incredibly unproductive. Oh… and it’s also great for improving your communication skills; something us programmer/coder/developer types often lack.

Pair Programming is the process where two developers work together on [...]

Java Thread safety again… this time Regexes?

Over at there was a Java brain teaser…

Suppose that you have a Java web application where regular expressions are used deep down in the implementation to do some work, but you observe that the an array index exception is occurring sporadically where the regular expressions are being used. What’s [...]