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Whatever happened to internet time?

If all of this 12 hour versus 24 hour versus day light savings versus GMT versus Zulu versus UTC time information wasn’t confusing enough, we must not forget Swatch who kicked it up another notch by inventing Swatch Internet Time aka “the beat”.

Swatch Internet Time is a concept introduced in 1998 and marketed [...]


Jodi and I took a day off work and got freshies at Alpental.

Go check out the whole Alpental flickr set. The resolution isn’t that great since I took them from my cellphone, but better than nothing right?

Mini-Z LED Desk Lamp: Please buy me this please, thanks.

Dear internet, please send me a Mini-Z LED Desk Lamp, thanks!

I love that these LED lights consume something like 7-10 watts compared to 40+ for a traditional light. See more LED lamps from Koncept.

The ultimate keyboard? HHKB Professional HG JAPAN

HHKB Professional HG JAPAN is simply amazing. Who doesn’t love a keyboard with keys painted by the “special Urushi brush made from the tender hairs of a virgin.” CNet Asia

Look at that hand painted and gold dusted keyboard. Popgadget has this to say:

I’m not sure why anyone would pay US$4240 for a blank [...]

Horses wish they could speak, I know it.

Image from the Seattlest Flickr Group courtesy of Matt Westervelt.

I wish I knew who to credit for this picture besides Seattlest.