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Feierabend Pub burgled!

Feierabend was burgled! Yup someone broke into the pub that is a part of my building. This South Lake Union area, while developing nicely, still is prone to lots of burgles. Car burgles, Apartment Burgles, you name it burgles.

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Agile processes are fractal.

Fractal: A mathematically generated pattern that is reproducible at any magnification or reduction.

At a seminar called Lean-Agile Software Testing – Practices and Challenges Jean McAuliffe described lean/agile processes as a fractal. She was talking about applying agile principles at each iteration of development. Principles are hard to [...]

Trivia: In what movie did a guide horse interact with a former Beatles member?

Oh, the internet… how you provide me with so much goodness.

Answer to be provided at Friday, January 26, 2007 at 12:00 Noon Seattle time.

Update: Thanks TTop

My coworker Brad wrote to me last night with the first correct answer saying:

movie = “The Blindman“. I can’t believe I wasted part of my life on [...]

New Testing Blog: Testing on the Toilet by Google

We’re unveiling the public release of “Testing on the Toilet”: one of Google’s little secrets that has helped us to inspire our developers to write well-tested code. We write flyers about everything from dependency injection to code coverage, and then regularly plaster the bathrooms all over Google with each episode, almost 500 stalls [...]

Cardboard cutouts of me, really.

In an IM to a coworker today I wrote this:

Wes says: Do you know where I can get a life sized cardboard cutout made? Wes says: I want to get a couple of myself to place around the city. COWORKER says: [...]