Seattle Devs: Concurrent Software Development Talk Monday 12/11/2006

Digipede Evangelista Kim Greenlee will be giving a talk on concurrency and software development at the .NET Developer Association Monday on the Microsoft campus. dan ciruli’s West Coast Grid

If I didn’t already have plans Monday, I’d be at this talk. Sure it’s over in Redmond, but it sounds really interesting.

With the advent of dual-core and dual-processor machines, concurrent software development is breaking onto the scene–creating a paradigm shift like we haven’t seen since the OO movement. Two technologies that will help you add concurrency to your applications are threads and grid objects. While you can find a lot of documentation about adding threading to your apps, there isn’t very much available to tell you how threads really work. I’ll explain that to you. I will also use the Digipede Network to introduce you to grid objects. Grid objects give you the ability to easily distribute application functionality on a compute grid.

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