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Speaking of Teddy Ruxpin

Walking to lunch with a co-worker I told him, “Hey, I saw in Wired they have a new Teddy Ruxpin now, plays MP3s or something like that.” He replied:

There is something nice about putting a cassette tape in a stomach.

And the answer to everyones’ question:

Will the tapes for [...]

Out of the Office Today, 4 feet of new snow at Baker.

We have DEEP SNOW CONDITIONS at the ski area today with 86 INCHES OF NEW SNOW IN THE PAST 4 DAYS and 132 inches of new snow in the week!

Oh, I wish I could take a snow day.

Walmart versus Fred Meyer

I’ve been trying to convince my friend who moved to Seattle from New Mexico to give Fred Meyer a try over that Walmart beast… finally, he compared and contrasted.

Matt: fred meyers put the smack down on walmart Wes: Oh did it? Matt says: aye [...]

Developing your mojo… a maven2 quote.

I have the the Better Builds with Maven book on my desk here opened to “Developing your first Mojo.” EVERYONE that has walked in has commented something clever regarding their mojo.

This afternoon this happened:

dev1: I wish I had developed my first mojo in college. dev2: You [...]

Sql Server is quite selecty!

I got this during chat completely unrelated to SQL Server.

Zebra Ultra says: i love microsoft’s sql server Zebra Ultra says: it is quite selecty zebra ultra

Yup, it’s one of those days.