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CruiseControl.Net… Serialised Build Queues

The main problem I am trying to resolve is the situation where you want to prevent two projects from running at the same time. Why would you want to do that? Perhaps you have resource constraints like a file system directory or a database the unit tests run against. For instance we have [...]

Maven: Why would they name a config file porn.xml?

I was reading this article about Maven 2.0 the other day and wondered why they’d name a config file porn.xml.

pom.xml Fig. A.

FYI, it’s P-O-M.xml. Times New Roman blends makes the m look like r + n on my screen, not sure about yours.

r + n = rn [...]

Amazon S3, low startup cost and fast startup time.

Have you ever wanted to share some content with 50,000 of your closest friends but couldn’t find the time to setup an Akamai account? I guess Amazon’s S3 might work for you.

It just turned out that the S3 solution was ready for deployment immediately, where akamai requires more negotiation. In other words, [...]

The Number One NIH Syndrome Sympton (or, How I learned to not invent wheels and learned to love 3rd party components.)

I try hard to not reinvent wheels. First, I’m lazy… really lazy. Second, I normally am trying to solve a problem unrelated to building wheels. Finally, if I built a wheel you’d probably never ever EVAR even think of using it.

Image stolen from:

Let’s look at the number one NIH Syndrome symptom.

Symptom [...]

Now hiring! White-box QA Engineer (SDET)

The company I work for, thePlatform, is growing and, I’m looking for a “White-box QA Engineer (SDET).” You should feel confident programming in Java/C# and have experience with any xUnit framework. A background in QA is nice, but having a great tester mentality is what we’re really after. If any of these [...]