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TestNG: Threading Questions

When will TestNG run tests in the same thread?

The quick answer is, when test methods depend on each other. The important thing to note here is that it is when @Test annotated methods depend on each other.

One way to solve this problem is to declare that the test methods depend on each [...]

TestNG Thread Control: Join the Discussion on Google Groups

There is an interesting discussion happening on the TestNG-Users group about thread control in TestNG . The author of TestNG asks us all:

I’d like to take this opportunity to see what kinds of improvements people would like to see in the thread support. In particular, have you ever needed to limit [...]

More Perforce Suckage Examples From Simon Harris

To give you a 100% practical example, just today I committed 1600 files which I had to back-out almost immediately because I realised I had broken something. Now, ignoring the why’s and how’s I managed to get myself into such a pickle, the fact is I needed to rollback a commit. Here’s what [...]

Goats, goats and more goats in Seattle

(Seattle) City Light has contracted with Healing Hooves to clear blackberries and brush from a steep slope at the north end of a City Light substation in the 800 block of Northeast 75th Street. The plan is for the herd of 250 female goats to graze on the brush. The city calls it [...]

Designing for Testability: 14 facets of TypeMock.NET

There has been much talk about Designing for Testability lately. Basically the argument is: Should our Tests (Enabling Mock Insersions) Drive our design? or should we use tools to do it for us? From: 14 facets of TypeMock.NET and Designing for Testability

The author of TypeMock.NET [...]