HowTo: Create an RSS/Atom Feed for any website.

Ever run into a website that doesn’t offer any feeds, RSS/Atom/RDf/Etc? Now with sites like Feed43, FeedTier or Feeds2B you can! quickly and easily create a feed for any site. Let’s see what each of these sites has to offer.


Feed43 is great for anyone that understands regular expressions. Building a feed took me a couple of minutes even though I didn’t quite understand how to combine the parsing with template generation. The regular expression back reference syntax is a bit confusing to the untrained; it would be nice to see named groups, %{name} for example, rather than the plain Perl-esque %1 notation for capured content.


FeedTier is your choice if you require ease of use. FeedTier analyzes the webpage you submit, automatically chooses content groups from the markup and produces a feed with one click. Perfect for a simply structured website like a Little League schedule or in my case a ski racing league’s info/news page.


Feeds2B is for the most part as simple as FeedTier but is perfect for a site that doesn’t have the most simple markup. Once you submit your URL to Feeds2B a real person will create the feed for you based upon their knowledge of regular expression. Your feed will not be ready instantly, but for a website with varying HTML/markup this might be your only option for feed conversion.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I will have to spend some serious time with these sites later. Good to know that you’re looking out for my RSS needs.

  2. [...] written about creating an API for any website before, but those methods were fraught with danger if the underlying site changed its structure. [...]

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