Site Upgrade: Markdown slightly broken.

I updated to Wordpress 2.0.3 to address security problems. It seems that it doesn’t play well with Markdown syntax so some rendering might be a little bit off.

The specific problem is yet to be determined but I’ve see the following two things so far:

Markdown angle bracket linking is broken.

Any http followed by a colon is being turned into http<space>: meanin that <link goes here> breaks.

Bulleted lists

They are somehow getting munged when they are saved/rendered. Not sure the root cause of this this one yet.

Sorry for the horrible formatting, I’ll hopefully get this fixed today or tomorrow.

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  1. So, any luck figuring this out? I’ve just switched from Typo to Wordpress, and since I’ve used Markdown on all my old Typo posts, none of them look right :(

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