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Computational Linguistics? Are you kidding me?

I’ve took a class called “LING 472 Introduction to Computational Linguistics” at UW once, so when my friend sent me this… I had to steal it from and host it here. Thanks 3ric.

The University of Washington now has a Computation Linguistics Professional Masters Program which is interesting, perhaps some day I’ll put all [...]

I must have great hearing or not be an adult… aka “A Ringtone Adults Can’t Hear”

Heard about that ringtone adults can’t hear? If you haven’t, just give this 10 second sample of the ringtone a listen and if you can’t hear it, go read the article. I can hear it loud and clear. I either still have good hearing or I’m not an adult yet, the right answer [...]

Great video of Guy Kawasaki presenting “The Art of the Start” @ TiECon 2006

Guy Kawasaki is a great presenter and you should take 40 minutes now to watch his presentation The Art of the Start he gave at TiECon 2006.

Normally this would’ve cost you $300 (if you could get in), several days off work, hotel/travel expenses… oh and you probably should already have a MBA and some [...]

Anticlimactic Anticipation

i’ve come to realize that sometimes the anticipation of what you are going to do ends up being better than the actual event itself Jeff

I used to work with Jeff back in the “the-year-two-thousand”… or sometime around then. Anyhow, he’s profound sometimes.

Software Development Engineer in Test: The chilling truth behind the SDET acronym!

I’ve been working as a “Software Design Engineer in Test/QA Engineer/White Box QA” for about 4 months now and I keep getting asked the the following question:

What does SDET mean?

Let’s learn more about this mysterious acronym SDET.

First up… the quick Microsoft definition:

A Software Design Engineer in Test is a developer who [...]