Ghost in the machine, I mean the ceiling fan.

Last night I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep when BAM! I was blinded. The ceiling fan light was now on at 100% brightness and the fan was spinning up. This isn’t the first time I’d noticed that something might’ve be askew. I’ve come home to find the light on at some odd brightness level when I know I’ve turned it off before leaving. Or I’d find the fan operating at 100%.

At the time I had 3 theories about what was happening:
1. There was a ghost that was playing tricks on me. 2. The electrical work was shoddy. 3. The remote control unit from another apartment was affecting my fan.

Sure I like idea one and two, but number three seemed to be the most likely culprit. And upon further review it is probably the correct one.

I have a minkaAire fan which could be like every other person in my apartment building. When we moved in we had the option of either pendant lights for the kitchen or a ceiling fan. Knowing apartments in Seattle don’t have air conditioning and it actually gets sunny from late August to late October I choose the fan. I’m guessing many people did. I’m also betting that when the maintenance people installed it they didn’t read note on page 8 of the manual mentioning that if you’re installing several of these within 40 feet of each other you might want to change the toggles to one of 16 settings to avoid having one fans remote control affecting anther’s. Sweet, huh?

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  1. Scared the crap out of me. I swear it’s your 1st theory!

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