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Memorial Day Weekend Camping

Went camping this weekend in Packwood, WA which is near the southern edge of the Mount Ranier National Park. Enjoy this picture of a random waterfall taken by my super kick ass girlfriend Jodi.

Collective Nouns for Birds

I have no idea if this will ever be useful to me, but I’m glad it’s out there.

sedge of bitterns siege of bitterns chain of bobolinks wake of buzzards brood of chickens flock of chickens peep of chickens brood of chicks [...]

Ghost in the machine, I mean the ceiling fan.

Last night I was laying in bed drifting off to sleep when BAM! I was blinded. The ceiling fan light was now on at 100% brightness and the fan was spinning up. This isn’t the first time I’d noticed that something might’ve be askew. I’ve come home to find the [...]

The Braidy Tester: Hallmarks of a Great Tester

The Braidy Tester put his STAR East presentation online in this PDF.

He has written about this before in this post titled Hallmarks of a Great Tester. Below is the list of things he feels makes a tester great. How are you at these items?

Is devious Is curious Is excited by bugs Knows there are always more [...]

What I’ve been reading lately.

Here is a taste of what I’ve found interesting in the past couple of weeks.

From Agile Testing:

Selenium test creation and maintenance with SSH tunnelling with Putty

From Black Belt Productivity:

Black Belt Series: bsag, from But She’s A Girl The Importance of the Two Minute Rule

From Brad Appleton’s ACME Blog:

Pragmatic Multi-Variant Management

From Coding [...]