Gmaps Pedometer Tip: Set a default starting location.

Gmaps Pedometer is an awesome site that lets you measure distances by simply double clicking a route on google maps. I use it to figure out if I have enough time to walk from Point A to Point B or if I should take the bus. I’ve also been using it to figure out how far I walk during lunch as I explore the strange eateries of Lower Queen Anne.

I love the site but one thing bothered me, the map defaults to a 100,000 foot view the US centered over Kansas. This means to map anything you need to enter your city, state, click “Go” and hope you get closer to where you want to be, then navigate to where you want to start. I thought, that was too much clicking and they must have a feature similar to’s “Set as default location.” They do, but it wasn’t intuitive or obvious. Here is how you do it:

  1. Load up Gmaps Pedometer and navigate to your new default starting location.
  2. Click “Save Route.” This will display a permalink.
  3. Bookmark the permalink they give you and give a great name, like “Gmaps Pedometer: Home”.
  4. Profit! Or just use the new link to always start at your default location.

Not obvious. I suggested it as a FAQ item since it seemed to show up in the Forums so often. Enjoy.

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