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Ken Schwaber lays down Scrum basics in these streaming videos .

Scrum for Team System was just recently released. It is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System that uses the Microsoft Solutions Framework(MSF) to guide you through implementing/practicing Scrum in your organization. And while the MSF and Scrum for Team System might be grand, the website rules because it has short [...]

Monsters are real! Watch this video of a giant centipede eating a mouse.

YouTube has this video of a giant centepede eating a mouse. Imagine having those centipedes crawling around in the dark corners of your house, fun. Link courtesy of jwz.

Gmaps Pedometer Tip: Set a default starting location.

Gmaps Pedometer is an awesome site that lets you measure distances by simply double clicking a route on google maps. I use it to figure out if I have enough time to walk from Point A to Point B or if I should take the bus. I’ve also been using it to figure [...]

Buying a girl a drink… or so I thought.

Me: Can I buy you a shot? Monica: That won’t work; I only drink them in increments of six.

Jack and Monica were in from New York on spring break when I got this awesome quote. Jack and I were trying to enjoy as many darn tasty beers as [...]

Best Tamales Ever: Los Hernández in Union Gap, WA

The best tamales in Washington state are found in Union Gap, WA. Therefore, if you’re taking a trip to Yakima, WA like I did this weekend with my girlfriend; you must stop at Los Hernández. Described correctly as “the mecca for Mexican food aficionados marooned in the Northwest” by Sunset Magazine, these tamales [...]