New Job, New Commute, Good times!

I’ve started working for a new company as a SDET (software development engineer in test). This means my short one block commute to work at has become a brisk 30 minute walk. I’m really happy with that amount of walking though, it means that I’m now getting at least an hour of excercise a day which will really come in handy once the ski season is over.

I get to walk by some interesting things on the way to work. From my home I first pass by my coffee shop, Uptown Espresso. Just after that I pass by Jone’s Soda. At this point, there are lots of random industrial looking buildings and design shops none of which I can remember now. Just past there I pass the famous Pink Elephant Carwash and see a Starbucks built into a 76 gas station. Seattle is a bit crazy with it’s coffee shops.

Several blocks later I pass a Under the Needle and consider getting a tatoo, walk under the broken monorail tracks and stroll by the Science Center and get into work sometime between 8 and 10AM. I’ll probably write more about all these places with pictures when it stops raining and I figure out when I should actually show up at work.

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