Can I quote you on that?

A new series, by Wes Maldonado… quotes. Yippy.

sawzy is the drunk pronunciation of sawzy Ryan

6 Responses to “Can I quote you on that?”

  1. that wasn’t funny

  2. Is anyone else having trouble with your feed? I can’t tell if it’s your feed or if it’s my aggregator (attensa), but I’m not getting a valid feed from your site!

  3. Seems to validate:

  4. I wasn’t specific enough! There is a valid feed on your site, but it’s just a comment feed (nothing against the people who comment here, but I’d rather subscribe to your content!).

  5. Here is the rss 2.0 content feed…

  6. Thanks! I’m in. I don’t know why my reader was having such problems…

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