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Best job description I’ve read in a while.

Ned Batchelder posted a job description of sorts… If you want to hire the best, that is how you get them.

It’s about the people, on both sides. I don’t want to work with someone having N years experience in X Tech, Y Tech… I want to work with good people.

New Job, New Commute, Good times!

I’ve started working for a new company as a SDET (software development engineer in test). This means my short one block commute to work at has become a brisk 30 minute walk. I’m really happy with that amount of walking though, it means that I’m now getting at least an hour of [...]

Can I quote you on that?

A new series, by Wes Maldonado… quotes. Yippy.

sawzy is the drunk pronunciation of sawzy Ryan

Links for 2006-02-21

What Wes Read on the morning of 2006-02-21

Pillow Fight Club - Just like it sounds. AAAS presentation on MySpace data - Danah Boyd sums up a talk she gave on “Identity Production in a Networked Culture” Configuration ExceptionHandling without using an external configuration file - .NET configuration stuff… Will Mouse Gestures [...]

Woot-Off Alert! (or, a great use for RSS/Atom)

Update (04/13/2006): Good luck you woot fanatics!

For the past couple of days, one of my former co-workers has had her IM name set as “Will you be my woot-off alert?” I didn’t understand what it meant; I know woot is a site that sells overstocked “stuff” every day at very very interesting [...]