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Technorati Reaching One Billion Links

Technorati is holding a contest to see who can guess when they will reach one billion link tracked. . . for more information see Technorati one billion links. My guess is: Apr 5, 2005 5:25:03 AM

Pottery Blog Google Bombing

Lets see what happens if we all link to a pottery blog. Can you say "googlebomb"?

Emily Murphy has a pottery blog. Actually, if you look at the domain name, she has the pottery blog. Ian Bicking asked for help Googlebombing, so here it is. Truth be told, I’m going to be asking for some [...]

Link Slinging for 3/1/2005

Daily Random Sampling

Yahoo! WebServices Overview of Yahoo! WebServices The Source Control HOWTO Wall Street Journal Extols Business Blogging (via Steve Rubel) “What began as a form of public diary-keeping has become an important supplement to a business’s online strategy: Blogs can connect with consumers on a personal level — and keep them visiting a company’s Web site regularly.”

Generic Coding [...]