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Vim Tip of the Week: Visual Select Block Mode

Visual selection mode in Vim is nice and fun but sometimes you want to delete column oriented text without resorting to sed or the like… Create some column oriented text using ls or dir depending on your platform. ls > somefile Then open that file up with vim. On UnixType <C-V> and select your [...]

The Little JavaScripter

I’ve been trying to decide how to go about learning scheme or lisp. Today, I’m not so sure I want to learn these languages because they’ll make you a crazy person who writes a little scheme interpreter in javascript. I actually think this is pretty cool… Javascript has always got a bad [...]

Recommended reading, High Performance MySQL

I just finished reading High Performance MySQL. I’d have to recommend it for anyone who is using MySQL in production environments. I think that this book bridges the gap between the MySQL Manual with the practical knowledge needed to manage the day to day operations of a real MySQL servers. I finally [...]

Don’t use stored procedures yet? So what?

I think most people arguing about stored procedures are missing the point. The most important aspect revolves around a clear separation of concerns.“At just about every talk I give I always try to make several consistent statements. One of which is: ‘Whenever possible use stored procedures to access your data’.” - Rob Howard’s Blog “Let [...]

Fire Trucks In The Night

I am very tired today. At 3:27 AM last night I woke to sirens and flashing lights. I’m normally excited to see fire trucks, ambulances, etc. But I haven’t slept very well in the past 4 days and I thought, finally I’ll get some rest. No. I didn’t. The [...]