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Last 5 Tickets to ShmooCon Being Auctioned on Ebay

According to BoingBoing the last 5 tickets to ShmooCon are being auctioned off on Ebay. I’m very interested in attending, but running low on funds. Someone please give me 1 round trip ticket to Washington D.C. and bid high on a ShmooCon ticket for me please.

Tivo Releases Home Media Engine SDK

I just noticed that Jeremy Zawodny linked to the TiVo Home Media Engine SDK. This is great news for me, I’ve been dying to place Caller ID information some place easily accessible without adding yet another machine/gizmo to the collection of electronics that is the home entertainment system. I cant wait to have [...]

Linux Single Sign-on

Yesterday Eric was ranting about MS Windows versus Linux issues. One of the points that he countered was:“Linux is not ready for mission-critical computing. There are fundamental things missing. For example, there is no single development environment for Linux as there is for Microsoft, neither is there a single sign-on system.” from Linux security [...]

Google suckage: Angelina Jolie versus Salma Hayek

Confusion between a co-worker and I spawns Google Suckage. A comparison of some fairly reasonable attributes of two items and googles opinion of their suckage. Google suckage is defined as the comparision between and phrase+sucks. Yes, this is strongly related to… but I feel that google suckage is much less [...]

Many people dismayed at BBS05 irc channel.

I agree that the BBS05 IRC channel isn’t as great as it could be… The lack of streaming audio sucks. My main hope was to participate in the backchannel during sessions and I’m not getting the experience I was hoping for. I really have to thank Rob Levin of for [...]